About The Flood Team

Your Team for Water Damage Prevention & Remediation

The Flood Team exists to protect all people and their assets from water damage through knowledge, systems, and exceptional service.

We are passionate about water damage prevention and restoration, having over thirty years of experience repairing homes and businesses from the devastating results of water damage. We are also passionate about elevating our team members, partners, investors, and customers to new levels. Through our Champion mindset, we believe that we can face every challenge confidently and overcome it. We take ownership of our successes and our results. By providing the best possible support, technology, and systems, we are able to achieve this.

Service is a big deal to us. At The Flood Team we are daily dedicated to being better than we were yesterday. This is why we are able to provide outstanding service and be at the forefront of innovation within the industry. We have connected with so many customers in our thirty years, usually at a very trying time in their lives. We understand and are sympathetic to their experience. This is a big reason why we care so much about providing outstanding service.

Our Story

Our history starts from humble beginnings, rising out of the Great Flood of 92’-93’ with a father of three whose dream was to create a business to support his family.

The Great Flood affected a lot of states including St. Louis, Mo. where our founder, Joe Tumminia, started one of the first companies in the area to specialize in water damage restoration.

Joe was concerned that after the flood, calls would slow down but in the following years, calls continued to come in for water damage restoration.

Unstoppable Growth

In the early 2000s, Joe’s son, Tony, started to work closely with the water restoration division. This is where Tony gained valuable hands-on experience, leading to a partnership in 2006 and the birth of The Flood Team as a trademarked company.

Just three years later, the company went 100% paperless and developed an app called The Flood Team Management System. Shortly after, we survived two hard-hitting events — a direct hit from an F4 tornado and the passing of Joe Tumminia, our founder.

In 2018, we revolutionized the industry by creating a business model which combines the efficiency of the digital management system and our unique operating process. More importantly, by starting to open franchise locations throughout the United State, we continue to pioneer the water restoration industry!

If You Have Water Or Flood Damages

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