The COMPLETE App for Water Damage Restoration

The Flood Team app is designed to provide a quick and easy response to any water damage emergency.

It helps speed up and organize the clean up & restoration process for everyone experiencing a water disaster by connecting all the critical pieces to provide immediate service for water or flood damage.

The Flood Team App is designed to make the user experience hassle-free & ensures quick restoration of customers’ homes & businesses.

How It Works

The Flood Team App provides users with a multitude of benefits that help guide users through the entire water damage restoration process, refer jobs to our certified water damage specialists, and return customers’ lives back to normal as quickly as possible.

From initial contact to completion of the job, the app will provide users EVERYTHING they need to know about water damage restoration services.

  • 1 Instant 24/7 Flood Specialist Dispatching

  • 2 Before & After Photo Gallery of Jobs

  • 3 Progress Updates & Monitoring of Jobs

  • 4 Stores All Files & Documents Electronically

  • 5 Refer Jobs, Help People, & Earn Money

  • Get immediate 24/7 help in times of a water disaster.

  • Track the status of your water damage restoration.

  • Make payments & store important documents.

  • Restore your home or business to normal quick and hassle-free.

  • Easy access to documents for your insurance claims adjusters

Professional Water Damage Services

Sewer Backups
Storm & River Flooding
Pipe Breaks
Roof Leaks
Drain Overflows
Sump Pump Failure
Appliance Malfunctions
AND More!

Who Should Get The App?

Insurance Adjusters & Agents
Property Managers
Facility Managers
General Contractors
Appliance Repair Professionals
HVAC Professionals
AND Everyone Else!

Love To Help Others?

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