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Water Clean-Up

Swiftly resolving household water disasters, sewer backups, floods, and more with precision and care.

"Insurance made easy"

Achieve peace of mind with The Flood Team. No out-of-pocket costs, direct billing to all carriers, hassle-free claims, and expert support.

Drain Cleaning / Hydro-Jetting

Clear stubborn blockages and debris from pipes with our powerful Hydro-Jetter, ensuring efficient flow and restoring plumbing systems effectively.

Commercial Water Damage

Minimize downtime and maximize recovery with our prompt response to commercial water damage.


Mold Inspection/Remediation

Our experienced professionals employ advanced techniques to detect mold, eliminating it at its source and ensuring a healthy, mold-free environment.

Flooded Basement

Our comprehensive process includes advanced water extraction techniques, effective mitigation, thorough cleaning and safe antimicrobial, and advanced drying system, we ensure a dry and clean basement, free from mold and other contaminants

Sewer Back-Up

Trust our IICRC certified professionals for the best-in-class sewage remediation process ensuring a thorough cleaning, disinfection, proper disposal, complete sanitization ensuring your property clean, dry and you are completely satisfied guaranteed.

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The Flood Team aims to protect people and their assets from water damage through its expertise, systems, and exceptional service.

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Best In Water Damage Defense!

  • Highly skilled specialists

    Our team of experts handle all aspects of water damage, ensuring thorough assessment, mitigation, and restoration to protect your property.

  • Personalized approach

    We understand that every person and water damage situation is unique, and we tailor our services to meet your specific needs, providing friendly exceptional service

  • Specialized Equipment

    Equipped with specialized equipment that is ready to respond , we efficiently extract water, dry structures, and prevent mold growth and other dangerous contaminants ,protecting your health and safety.

  • Specialized Certifications

    Our owner operators hold the prestigious IICRC ASD certification, demonstrating their expertise in applied structural drying, safeguarding you from any and all dangers of water damage

  • Insurance claims assistance

    Our team provides comprehensive support with insurance claims, advocating for your financial protection and ensuring you receive the coverage you are entitled to, without adjuster denials

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Stress-Free Claims Assistance

The Flood Team works with all insurance companies and is here to simplify the process for you, from start to finish. Here’s what sets us apart:

  • Expert Claims Assistance

    Our experienced claims specialists will guide you through every step, providing personalized support and expert guidance

  • Effortless Documentation

    With our user-friendly app, we can easily submit necessary documents, saving you time and eliminating paperwork

  • Streamlined Communication

    We handle all communication with your insurance company, ensuring clear and efficient correspondence

  • Minimized Denials, Maximized Results

    Our expertise minimizes claim denials, maximizing your chances of a successful outcome

  • Low Out-of-Pocket Costs

    We strive to keep your expenses to a minimum, reducing your financial burden

Experience the ease of a stress-free claims process with The Flood Team.

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