Water Removal in St. Louis

When water damage strikes we know that time is of the essence. Call us now to set up your free evaluation! Even a short delay can introduce secondary damages like warping of wood floors, water wicking up walls, staining of carpet, strong odors and even mold in your property. The Flood Team is the expert in water removal in St. Louis. Our water removal and water damage restoration process will prevent further damage to your property. 

Our proven process ensures You know it's done right, guaranteed.



Free Evaluations 24/7

free evaluation of water damage

  • Safety - Safety is our number one concern when it comes to water damage. When water damage happens we want to protect you and your family.
  • Moisture Tracking - Water does a great job of hiding. We use advanced moisture meters to find and map out all affected areas.
  • Scope - In our application we make a comprehensive scope with photos and readings giving you a very clear picture of the damage and what needs to be done.

Approval of Services - We'll go through the scope of  water damage restoration services with you so you'll know what The Flood Team needs to do to make sure your home and family are protected. 

Approval of Services

approval of services

  • Explanation of Services - We walk through the comprehensive scope with you so there are no surprises about what the damage is and where it's located.
  • Determining Coverage - We recommend you do not call your insurance company until we have done an assessment. We are insurance experts and will work with your insurance to help ensure you get the coverage you deserve.  
  • Set Up Your Claim - Calling your insurance company can be a major hassle. We make the call to your insurance company and set up the claim for you.
  • Match Price Guarantee - We bill insurance and match their prices with ours so you're never left with any out of pocket costs for our services.
  • Self Payment Options - We know water damage comes at an unexpected time. So we offer different payment options to help you manage it.
  • Sign Agreement - As soon as you sign off on the services we'll start working. Acting fast is key to stopping secondary water damage.

Perform Water Removal Services and Monitor ProgressThis is where we preform water removal services to fix the water damage and monitor changes throughout the process.

Perform Water Removal Services and Monitor Progress

perform water removal services

  • Water Removal - We get all the water out right away using the most powerful and effective water removal machines that exist. They remove over 90% of the water immediately.
  • Content Protection - Once we've gotten rid of most of the water we want to protect your belongings during the remainder of our services. This means moving and blocking your belongings to make sure they are safe from the water damage.
  • Drying - Now that everything is protected and most of the water has been removed, there is still three to ten percent of moisture trapped in you walls and flooring. Using the science of drying and our specialized drying equipment we dry your home fast preventing additional damages including mold.
  • Monitoring - While the drying continues we'll monitor and adjust our equipment as needed. We do this to ensure our water removal services are fixing your water loss at the optimal speed.

Final Inspection - Once everything is handled we go back through to ensure our water removal services were done to the highest standards.

Final Inspection


  • Testing - We do testing with our moisture meters to make sure all water levels have returned to dry standard. This means you won't have secondary damages like mold.
  • Putting Everything Back - After we've made sure everything is done we put your belongings back where they were when we started.
  • Cleaning - Once everything is dry we go about cleaning everything that has been effected by the water damage. This makes sure everything is clean, safe and back to the way it was. 

Guarantee of Customer Satisfaction - Our goal is to give our customers the highest level of service possible

Guarantee of Customer Satisfaction

guarantee of water damage removal services

  • We're not done until you say we're done - You'll sign off that all services were performed to your satisfaction.
  • Review of Service - We value your feedback, and we want to continue to be the best. 


We do all of this to make sure that You know it's done right, guaranteed!



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