Sewer Backup Clean Up in St. Louis

Sewer backups contain dangerous bacteria, parasites and over a 120 different viruses that can cause illness. A common misconception when it comes to sewer backups is that regular household cleaning supplies like bleach will completely sanitize your property. The truth is they don't work. This is not something you should try and tackle on your own! 


Our proven sewer back up clean up process ensures it's done right, Guaranteed!



Free Evaluations 24/7

free evaluation of sewer backups

  • Safety - Safety is our number one concern when it comes to sewer backups. When your sewer backs up you may be in contact with dangerous bacteria, parasites and over a 120 different viruses that can cause illness.
    • Do Not Enter - Sewer backups are dangerous. Do not go into the effected areas without proper protection. 
    • Cross Contamination - if you've been in the effected area and go into a clean area it is now dirty. This can make the situation more dangerous and costly.
  • Moisture Tracking - Water does a great job of hiding. We use advanced moisture meters to find and map out all affected areas.
  • Scope - In our application we make a comprehensive scope with photos and readings giving you a very clear picture of the damage and what needs to be done.

Approval of Water Restoration Services - We'll go through the scope of  water damage restoration services with you so you'll know what The Flood Team needs to do to make sure your home and family are protected.

Approval of Water Restoration Services

approval of sewer backup services

  • Explanation of Services - We walk through the comprehensive scope with you so there are no surprises about what the sewage damage is and where it's located.
  • Determining Coverage - We recommend you do not call your insurance company until we have done an assessment. We are insurance experts and will work with your insurance to help ensure you get the coverage you deserve.  
  • Set Up Your Claim - Calling your insurance company can be a major hassle. We make the call to your insurance company and set up the claim for you and ensure you get the proper coverage your entitled too.
  • Match Price Guarantee - We bill insurance and match their prices with ours so you're never left with any out of pocket costs for our services.
  • Self Payment Options - We know sewer backups can come at an unexpected time. So we offer different payment options to help you manage it.
  • Sign Agreement - As soon as you sign off on the services we'll start working. Acting fast is key to stopping secondary water damage.

Perform Sewer Backup Services and Monitor Progress - This is where we preform water removal services to fix the water damage and monitor changes throughout the process.

Perform Sewer Backup Services and Monitor Progressperform sewer backup services

  • Sewer Backup Water Removal  - The Flood Team’s powerful extraction equipment removes all the contaminated debris and water. We use top of the line extraction tools to make sure all the contaminants are removed safely and correctly.
  • Content Assessment, Inventory, Documentation and Restoration - To make sure everything is handled and that your home is protected, we document everything. This helps us make the right plan to remove contaminated belongings and salvage what we can.
  • Removal of Sewage Contaminated Items - Most items that are contaminated from sewer backups cannot be salvaged. For your safety and the safety of your family belongings affected by sewage need to be removed. The problem is that bacteria and viruses are able to live very well in anything that is porous like carpet and drywall. We make sure that what can be saved is, and what must be removed is removed correctly.
  • Strong Agitation and Steam Cleaning - We use a high pressured, self contained extraction cleaning system that cleans, agitates and extracts sewage at the same time. 
  • Apply Anti-Microbial and Deodorizer - To make sure that your sewer backup is cleaned and sanitized we apply an anti-microbial to all effected surfaces. Our cleaner is green and safe but designed to kill even the toughest pathogens living on the surface. This ensures a clean surface with zero pathogens. 
  • Restorative Drying -  The drying process is very important to prevent any mold development. We use our arsenal of drying machinery to achieve our goal of a dry, safe home.

Final Inspection - Once everything is handled we go back through to ensure our water removal services were done to the highest standards.

Final Inspection

final inspection of sewer backup services

  • Moisture Testing - We do testing with our moisture meters to make sure all water levels have returned to dry standard. This means you won't have secondary damages like mold.
  • Bacterial Testing - We use special equipment called an ATP tester (Adenosine Triiphosphate). This helps ensure that your home doesn't just look and smell clean, but that it is actually safe for you and your family.
  • Putting Everything Back - After we've made sure everything is done we put your belongings back where they were when we started.

Guarantee of Customer Satisfaction - Our goal is to give our customers the highest level of service possible

Guarantee of Customer Satisfaction

guarantee of customer satisfaction of sewer backups

  • We're not done until you say we're done - You'll sign off that all services were performed to your satisfaction.
  • Review of Service - We value your feedback, and we want to continue to be the best. 


 You'll know it's done right, Guaranteed!



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