Our Mission



"Protect all people and there assets from water damage through knowledge, systems and exceptional service"


 Our core values are what make us who we are as a company. These values help us to achieve our mission and continually strive to provide a expectional service experience that protects our customers and our community.



     FT C3ODE

  1. Following and Improving processes
  2. Trust
  3. Customer Experience
  4. Compassion
  5. Creativity
  6. Ownership
  7. Determination
  8. Efficiency



Following and Improving Processes

following processPeople don't fail, systems do!

There are lots of places where mistakes can be made, and the easiest thing to do is point the finger at someone else. The humility to look inwards and see where the business is failing will help us have the greatest growth. Creating an atmosphere of real problem solvers makes the whole company better. We’re not just looking to fix the issue today, we want to fix the issue forever.




trustWe value the power of trust, and the importance of trust!

Without trust we will never be successful. Knowing that everyone is working with integrity on the task at hand gives us the confidence to do greater things as a team. Everytime we ask someone to trust us we take on the responsibility of deserving that trust. We strive to be worthy of the trust given to us by our customers, and trust each other enough to know our integrity and good works will drive us forward. Trust flows through every aspect of our company and our lives. Trust is a choice, integrity is a choice, being the trusted resource is an honor that takes years to gain and a few poor choices to end, and it takes a longer time to regain!



Customer Experience

customer commitmentEverything we do is for our customers!

They are the reason that our company opens its doors everyday. Our customers are looking for quality help and guidance during a time that is very stressful for them. We want to alleviate that stress and give them an extraordinary service experience. We want them to know that they got the right service, from the right people. Their positive experience is our top priority.





The response to the suffering of others that motivates a desire to help!




creativityShare your ideas, one good idea can help everyone!

Ideas are the starting point of greatness. We strive to be great, and it takes innovation and creativity to get there. Ideas that bring about progress and change for the betterment of the company. We want others to search for those ideas that set us apart and make us better than we were before. We understand that true vision can come from anybody, and we embrace their input to help us in the betterment of our business.




owner mentalityWhen everyone acts like an owner, we all win!

The act of owning (owning skill). Being awesome at a skill or trait like no other person. Intense well doing above all other people trying, master skill. Nobody is just an employee. We want everyone who is a part of our team to feel proud of their work. Owners have passion. When you own it, you take pride in it. People do well when they benefit the way an owner do. We want members of our team to be rewarded the way owners are. When we do well, they do well.




determinationWhen life happens, we stick together and never give up!

Day to day life can be very tough for everyone. As a company we know this, and whether it’s an employee or a customer having support makes lifes troubles a little easier. When faced with obstacles we stand together. We know that working together through adversity will make us stronger than we were the day before.




efficiencyEveryone wins when we're efficient!

Getting more from less is something we work towards everyday. One of the ways we make sure our customers are satisfied is by not wasting their resources. Using the right materials the right way saves everyone on cost and time. Finding faster less time consuming ways to do our job saves the company and the customer money and gets their lives back to normal faster! Being efficient makes our business more effective with everything we do. When we save our customers save!