Hidden Water Damage in St. Louis


Without professional moisture meters finding all the water from a water damage event can be very difficult. Don’t be fooled by not seeing any water. Water has the ability to hide almost anywhere in your home. Just because you do not see it, does not mean, it is not there. Particularly when it comes to floors, cabinets and walls.

Water can easily soak under the surface of:

  • Vinyl or laminate floors - through the smallest of seams and around the perimeter.  
  • Cabinets and Vanities - It easily goes under and wicks into them)
  • Drywall - 90% of the time if the carpet is wet up to the wall, the wall has most likely sucked it up just like a sponge in water.
  • Closets & Adjacent rooms - water will easily run under walls and go undetected into rooms that seemed unaffected
  • Ceilings and Wall cavities - especially when water damage has came from above it can easily run into wall cavities and ceiling joist.
  • Hardwood & Sub-floor - woods can hold water and it takes special moisture meters to get down deep into these materials if these materials are not dried quickly they can quickly have secondary damages

If you suspect you have water damage, we will track down the source with moisture meters and help you minimize the damage quickly.

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