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Water Clean-up & Drain Cleaning St. Louis                                     

 The Flood Team is St. Louis's experts at restoring property from sewer back ups and all water related emergencies for over 25 years! We know these type of events can be very stressful! Not only is your drain backing up but you could have a big mess on your hands that you've never dealt with before. If that is the case call The Flood Team first, we will make this experience fast, professional and save you a lot of money.



Here is how:


  • Free Drain Cleaning - with any water clean up services - if you have a clogged drain and need clean up. We will open the drain for FREE! It's that simple.


  • Free 24/7 Water Damage Emergency Response -we can respond immediately 24/7 and can give you a completely Free Evaluation


  •  Certified Water Clean - up & Restoration Experts - when sewage has backed into your property that can be a hazardous situation and we are the experts at ensuring your property is cleaned, sanitized, dried and 100% safe.


  • Non- Water Damage Drain Repair Discounts - The Flood Team's drain team partners can open your line for less than $200.00. The Big Rooter company could cost $500 - $800+ to just open your line. 


  • Gaurantee Clear & Clean - we stand behind our work and our team. Our team will gaurantee your sewer drains stay clear for 60 days!




*Free Sewer Drain Repair Details:

  • It's Simple. Submit a job through our form below or call 314-729-0233.
  • We can either come out for a Free Water Damage Evaluation or immediately connect you with one of our approved and preferred sewer and drain professionals to open your line! 
  • Once the line is open we will evaluate the water damage caused by the sewer at no cost.
  • We will give you an estimate minus the sewer repair service or we can bill your insurance company directly for all services and immediately reimburse you for the repair. 
  • We will pay up to $250 towards any drain repair. This more than covers the cost of most repairs with our certified sewer and drain partners.
  • Once you sign a contract for our services, we will immediately give you the reimbursement for the drain cleaning!


Call The Flood Team First!


  • Trusted & Recommended for Over 25 years Experience
  • Free Plumbing Repairs with any water restoration services
  • IICRC Certified and Specialized Water Restoration Team
  • Directly Insurance Billing & Matched Price Guarantee
  •  Available 24/7
  • Immediate Emergency Response
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantees 
  • 5 Star Satisfaction Ratings



Contact us now, we will help immediately!


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